About Us

Jolie Jewelry's first collection came to light four years ago. After its grand opening in Moscow, the brand spread all over Russia and even abroad to countries like Japan and Austria. Now Jolie is expanding into a new market—the United States. The first Jolie Jewelry showroom in the US opened recently in Los Angeles, CA.
One of the Russia’s foremost brands, Jolie Jewelry is led by Creative Director Aleksandra Alekhina. Aleksa is a true artist in her own right. She travels a lot through diverse parts of the world, where she finds her inspiration applying age-old cultural heritage to up-to-date trends.
Creatively rich upbringing and endless thirst for expression inspired Aleksa’s iconic, distinctly eclectic style and eventually led her to art school. She went on to study fashion, makeup and hairstyling. Aleksa's creative aspirations led her to Gemmological Center at Moscow State University. Throughout her life she applied herself in different spheres of the beauty industry—fashion and hairstyling, for example—but what really captivated her was the world of jewelry.
Jolie Jewelry discovered a new niche for marketing, creating multi-functional accessories-transformers, and redefining luxury through fashion-forward styles and open-mindedness. Jolie Jewelry lets customers become co-creators. The brand gives the opportunity to transform pieces of Jewelry depending on outfit and mood.
Aleksa draws inspiration from different cultures and natural environments, masterfully combining semi-precious stones, silver, epoxy and many other materials.
''There is a stereotype in Russia that men should give beautiful Jewelry to women,'' Aleksa confesses. ''I partially disagree with it. I think women can and should spoil themselves. Therefore I feel it is my mission to create mesmerizing but still affordable jewelry.''
Her original statement pieces led to rapid success, which in turn inspired new collections that spread across Russia, Europe, Asia and America. Fashion editors, buyers, stylists and consumers alike all fell head over heels for the designer’s innovative blend of cutting-edge, bravery and openness, all together which create a truly unique aesthetic. Ok, Hello, Gracia, Top Beauty magazines and numerous TV channels use Jolie Jewelry in photoshoots and special projects. The brand is a firm favorite of the sartorial elite and serves an impressive celebrity following.
Each new Jolie collection becomes an instant classic. It brings new ornaments, colors and shapes. It celebrates diverse cultures and reflects artist’s aesthetics. Aleksa and her creative team always remain true to their strong vision and the mission of making more women happy.