by Alexandra Alekhina February 09, 2016

Paris Fashion Week is over. But the minds of JJ team still wonder among the best looks from the runway. We will bring your attention to the brightest trends marked by couturier.

Giorgio Armani Prive

Giorgio Armani set a goal to attract attention of the younger audience to his brand. How does he do it? Trousers are replaced by shorts, long skirts by mini. Femininity is another trend of upcoming season. Some time ago women would have to wear men's suit in order to stand out and to accentuate its individuality. Today for that purpose she got to wear a skirt... O tempora, o mores!

You can feel spring and youth vibes not only in flirty dresses, but also in color palette. Palette of Armani's SS collection is very girly: all shades of purple, from pale to intense, pearly gray and almost no black (only in details).

Trend with flirty, spring freshness and lightness is embodied in Jolie Jewelry. Earrings "Grapevine" or "Janet" will give you a violet mood.





While working on a new collection Karl Lagerfeld remembered that before the creation of the little black dress, Coco Chanel was called "the queen of beige." New couture collection is made in delicate beige color in different shades.
This time Karl Lagerfeld followed the steps of Stella McCartney and became "green."
This collection, which many critics consider the best for Chanel for the last few years, is eco-friendly. It is made of natural, slightly coarse fabrics.
Karl Lagerfeld covered Grand Palais with green lawn and built an eco-friendly wooden structure in the middle of it .
Let's pay attention to the details. Theme of nature and pastel colors - is a trend not only for clothes, but also for accessories. Petal, flower, butterfly earrings and even feathers will bring you closer to the "green" (at least in the spring season) Chanel trend.

Atelier Versace

For several seasons the Atelier worked under the slogan 'we are not about sex.' But Donatella, as true Italian woman, couldn't keep up for too long with it. And once again erotism dominated on Versace runway show!

But sensuality was covered under transparent fabric and laces. The luxurious outfits harmoniously blended elements of sportswear. Donatella named new fashion trend 'athletic couture.'

But the most important part pf the show wasn't clothing (though we have to admit this collection is a success), but the models who walked on the runway. Finally, the beauty of women is presented without inches, sizes and pounds. Irina Shayk, Natasha Poly, Gigi Hadid proudly walked the catwalk exposing their beautiful body. Donatella promotes the idea of self-acceptance and beauty without standards.

On behalf of all women in the world, thank you very much, Donatella!

Versace Spring Collection celebrates sexuality, courage, revealing beauty. And if you are not ready to wear the dress, which hinges on a single lace, then perhaps bold accessories will help you to be trendy. Here are some recommendations from JJ team.

Alexandra Alekhina
Alexandra Alekhina


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